Welcome to the Blazon Stone´s Kennel




We own and breed since 1991 American Staffordshire Terrier.
With the breeding of this race we lay very big value on the race-typical temperament and soundness.
Almost all our dogs, are led near their exhibit career also in the dog's sport, up to the protection dog.
In our kennel we have concentrated upon the blood lines X-Pert and Fraja.
Our breeding purpose is the athletic, flink and spirited Amstaff like the standard prescribes him. We dissociate ourselves from the tendency on too many body masses, also from pitbull inserting in the breed.
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Our Dogs are qualified for :





hanging around,


warming your Bed,





as a helpfull Nanny and Playfellow,


to succeed in Shows all over the World,





and successfully as Workingdogs.
Agillity, Companiongdog (BH), Trackingdog (FH),
Protection Dog (SchH)1-3, IPO 1-3